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Key Performance Indicators 

Interactive dashboard that analyizes predefined key metrics for a month to month, year to year,  and month/YTD to target. Up to 20 metrics can me measured whether financial, statistical or data based (i.e. guest satisfaction scores).  Relationships between two different metrics can be obtained by interacting the graph drop down selections. 


Recipe Costing Template 

Determine profitability of your recipe, calculate the cost and profit margins of the single dish to help achieve cost targets and maximize profits.  Calculations are generated for conversions of portion unit measures to purchase price measure (i.e. ozs. to lbs.).



A/R Analysis Dashboard

This model calculates vital account receivable ratios. A high ratio implies either that a company operates on a cash basis or that its extension of credit and collection of accounts receivable is efficient.


Supplier Competitive Bid Worksheet 

Input  price quotes up to three vendors for a set of products. This spreadsheet calculates lowest price by product or overall lowest price comparing vendor to vendor. 

HR Dashboard

This is a dashboard for employee by departments, salary distribution and number of employees by years analysis. Also, detailed information of a single employee can be reached easily. 


Cash Flow Template 

This template is prepared for tracking or projecting cash flows over 12 months. 


7 Year/84 Month Interactive Occupancy Trend Chart

Interactive chart to easily visualy occupancy trends...or change the metrics to what ever the needs! 

Project Timeline Tracker 


F&B Outlet Cover Forecaster 

Statisticly graphs historical relationsships between occupied rooms and restuarant covers,  giving a means for separating local verses guest covers. 


Par Level Reorder Guide 

This spreadsheets flags the items that need to be reordered as they are falling below par levels. 


Task Completion Success Mete

A To-Do list with weighted priorities lets you gauge your productivity as you complete tasks.


Direct Expense Checkbook 

Define G/L Account Expense lines and then add annual budget.  Record entries in checkbook register (in separate tab) and the meter changes to reflect remaining $$ available.  

Depreciation Schedule Template

Calculates Depreciation Expense based on a selected depreciation methods. Charts the remaining life of the fixed asset. Columns can be added by the asset name so that the register can be used as a fixed asset register as well (i.e. asset model, location, serial #, etc.) 

Key Performance Indicators Interactive by Month

This template provides an easy set up page where you set your own categories (revenue, service metrics etc) and then add data to a data input page.  The dashboard self expands as you add sub category metrics.  The data updates month by month with the date drop down menu.

Booking Potential Forecast 

Forecast revenue based on optimisstic,expected and pessimistic assumptions.  The mean plots a forecast. Drop down menu lets you filter by assumption and month.  Forecasts can be filtered by market segment or as combined amounts.


Purchase Order Template

Easy to use P.O. generator with drop down G/L codes, vendor names, and product descriptions. 

Laundry Competitive Bid Worksheet 

Similar to the Supplier Competitive Bid Worksheet, but implements an estimated volumn column so that agreements with vendors such as laundry services can be easily be compared. 

Perpetual Task Planning Calendar

Enter tasks/deadlines in a sidebar input area.  The calendar will populate the calendar and highlight the date. Dates can be adjusted with a dropdown if the task or deadline is changed.


Guest Satisfaction Ratings in Bandwidth  

Charts monthly ratings by departments within level of satisfaction bandwidths.  Bandwidths and departments or variables can be changed as needed.

Labor Scheduling Tempate with Lador Standards Calculator

Designed for managers to quickly set up a weekly labor schedule. On a set up tab, employee names and are entered.  To set up a work schedule, the first day of the work week is entered and then employees and scheduled times are populated with drop down selections.  Totals by week are calculated by employee and totals by day are calculated for all employees.  Labor standards can be set up to compare scheduled hours to labor standards to provide variance calculations.

Savings by Cutting Expenses Template This template is prepared for observing the long term results of daily savings. 



Chart of Accounts Scroll Bar 

Designed for quick G/L look-ups for from a desktop.  Can also be used for quick look-ups of historical data etc.



Satisfaction Survey 

Input survey results for a quick visual and summary calculation. The statistics turn data into "Happy", "So-So", and "Not Happy" faces.


Guest Issue Ranking

Input complaint and maintence issue data to monitor progess .


Sales Lead Funnel

Input leads and track success leading to the closing of the deal.


Sales Waterfall Forecast Accuracy

Tracks accuracy of monthly forecast to year-end as the year end progresses closer.  Variances for forecast to actual by month as well as by quarter is calculated.  The drop or gain for the year end is calculated as well. 


Month End Closing Checklist

Organizer for the month end closing... use check boxes as tasks are completed...click blue boxes to link to journal pages.  G/L drop downs are integrated ino the spreadsheet for quick journal template set-up.

Maintenance/I.T. Request

This spreadsheet reports the number of pending requests there are in departments such as Repairs and Maintenance and I.T.  The number of days outstanding are tallied, and the numbers outstanding are separated into "High","Medium", and "Low Priority" requests.

Interactive Daily Hotel Report

Revenue account names and data are set up on separate tabs. With a date drop down selector, daily and month to date totals update for the selected day.  Any account can be selected in the chart area to display the trend lines and be compared to occupancy.  The stars for the social media icons change based on imputed scores relative to the selected day.

Actual to Forecast Line Transition

Input complaint and maintence issue data to monitor progess .


Variance Graph

Super easy visual graph to determine achievement under or over budget with green bars extending upward representing  excess of budget and red bars drawing downward representing underage to budget.

KPI Interactive Dashboard

Click the radio buttons to alternate performance views between performance of Actual to Forecast, Budget and Last Year.  Choose your own metrics...revenue, expenses, statistics etc. Graph bars indicates performance in bounds or out bounds of metric goals.

Left Right Comparative Graph

Easily view actualized data on the left of the chart as compared to budget on the right side of the chart. Separate tab to load data, which can be filtered by year or type with a drop down menu.